Sweet nostalgia.

A smirky synth-rock band by the name of Hello Kelly emerged from a 10-year hiatus to captivate us with "Sweet Nostalgia." This power-packed album delivered a sweet, sugary blend of hooks, swirling synths, and brazen rock, celebrating influences like Van Halen, Sum41, and Fountains of Wayne.

Now, in 2023, the band is turning the page again and taking another hiatus as frontman Francy steps into a solo project as Francy Planet.

"Sweet Nostalgia is all about delving into the past to remember who we were," frontman Francy said at the time. "It's about living in the 'good old days' right now." Produced by Francy himself, the album garnered him "Producer/Engineer of the Year" at the 2022 Forest City London Music Awards.

Originally formed by François "Francy" Goudreault as a means to overcome his lifelong stutter, Hello Kelly rose to prominence in Ontario's post-emo rock scene circa 2004. Their songwriting always centered on nostalgia and hope in the face of life's challenges, while their live shows fostered an atmosphere of inclusion and good times.

Throughout their journey, the band had the privilege of working with Grammy winners like Brandon Perdue, Juno winner Siegfried Meier, and numerous chart-topping songwriters. They released three records on 7Spin Music (SonyBMG), with singles such as "Fall Over Me" and "10 Good Reasons" making their way to the Top 30 on Billboard's CHR chart. Along the way, they shared the stage with renowned rock mainstays like Relient K, Switchfoot, and Skillet, among others.

Their cult hit "Hey Elizabeth (Paper Bag Princess)" found its immortal form in a music video directed by Ben Knechtel (known for his work with Alessia Cara, Scott Kelman, Carly Rae Jepsen). In 2012, Goudreault received the "Converting Awareness into Action" award from the Stuttering Foundation.

Hello Kelly's most recent lineup featured drummer Brent Lively, bassist Cormac Elmes, keyboardist Aidan Scott and lead guitar Dan Toth, all hailing from their hometown of London, Canada. They affectionately referred to themselves as "the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of pop-rock," offering a bright and glammy sound with that signature twist of dread, a dash of emo on a sugar high.

While Hello Kelly may be taking a hiatus for now, the sweet nostalgia of their music continues to resonate. Find their albums wherever you get your music, and enjoy. Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure.

You can reach Hello Kelly by contacting Francy at hellofrancy at gmail dot com

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