You're deeper than you think.

Secret Level Song Studio is a recording studio obsessed with helping artists uncover their "secret level" of expression and authenticity. With an emphasis on remote players, the studio has offices in Nashville and London, Canada.

I'm Francy. I'm a songwriter, award-winning record producer and artist myself. As a producer, I believe my job is to make sure every artist's unique story is being told in the songs they record and release.

A big part of that process is making sure you have "Main Character" energy. This can get surprisingly deep, but don't worry: everyone is safe here.

Our cozy studio offers production services for pop-rock, alternative, singer-songwriter, country, pop-punk, and indie music projects. Also, we're really good with Christmas vibes.

We have access to remote session musicians and vibey local recording spaces to make sure you get the sounds and the experience you want.

I hope you'll come to see Secret Level Song Studio as a trusted partner in bringing your art to life, whether you're a veteran or just getting started. Remember....

You're deeper than you think.

Secret Level Song Studio

Reach out via email at hellofrancy at gmail dot com or on Instagram.

Secret Level Song Studio is a division of Rewinder Industries.